Let’s begin

Dear reader,

This blog will be, as the title says, my writings on beginning life in the beautiful city of Cape Town. There are 3 main reasons I am starting this blog. It is for the benefit of my interested friends, relatives and acquaintances back in the UK and around the world. It is also for my own record and to help me collect my thoughts. Finally my ramblings may serve to help someone else in the same position as me, making this exact or a similar transition.

I will keep my posts concise with hopefully lots of photos (a picture is worth a thousand words and all that jazz…).

It is summer time here and as expected, the weather has been absolutely fantastic: warm and sunny, clear skies and a mostly gentle breeze (apparently it CAN get violently and scarily windy!). I’ve already gone a shade darker.

Here is my current view (I am currently staying in Sea Point):


And here are a few other breathtaking views



Beautiful isn’t it?! It still seems unreal to me that locals live and work here normally, it will take some time for me to realise that I am here to live and not on a holiday!

So far this is what I have:

Capetonians greet you with a ‘Hi Howzit!’ and bid you farewell with a ‘Cheers!’, this will take some getting used to!

Along the promenade there are people running and exercising at almost at any time of day, with bodies of gods and goddesses and they will shame you into starting a fitness regime (I’ve got mine planned out already).

I need to re-learn how to swim so I can take full advantage of the wonderful beaches, all those years in the UK and embarrassingly if I try to swim now I just look like I am drowning and need saving.

I haven’t bought much stuff since getting here but I’m struggling to convert my money thinking from Pound sterling to Rand. The cost of eating and drinking out here though is a lot less than in the UK, and it tastes much nicer. The commonly available rooibos cappuccino┬áis divine.

Logistically getting around in the central areas is pretty easy, walking is a good option for your local area, and apparently the Uber service is great and cheap for further afield. Eventually I am hoping to pass my driving here too.

Cheers for now! Any comments and questions are most welcome